1. My favourite time of the year: Russian Orthodox Easter. I think these Easter cakes have something to do with it 😋

  2. "Spray for a stand against skin cancer" :) our beautiful Mrs SA contestant, Anna Donkin, has a special fundraiser running to raise money for the CANSA foundation. All the senior girls and I decided to support this wonderful fundraiser.
    She sprayed us a lil darker than she would for everyday because we have a show this weekend :) but it still is so natural looking and not orange 👍👏👍 so stoked! Nice and golden 🏆

    Go on Facebook and like Anna Donkin on the Mrs South Africa page! 👏👏👍

  3. thefrogman:


    Oh my god this is so cute! Haha hamburger cat :)

    (via the-absolute-funniest-posts)


  4. "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!"
  5. Quick lil afternoon run in Tokai Forest with my Bella 💖 the best BEST running partner 🏃🙌 I think it was even our best time as well. (at Tokai Forest Cycle Track)

  6. Had such a lovely lunch with Papa Bearat Tashas. Such a delightful lunch (which was amazing from tashas!) love my old man 😃💖

  7. Winston Churchill 🙌 always just wise things, and some pretty funny things as we. His quotes are truly worth a read 👏
    Aim for nothing but success, have nothing but courage, you will get there.


  9. I’ve always wondered if someone who is constantly on my mind; if they think of me as much as I do of them.

  10. Had a great night out with these 2. So happy we all had a chance to spend time together and bitch about everything :) been too long.
    So grateful to have these girls in my life! 👏🌟👏🌟👯👯👯💖

  11. I got neknominated by @candidaly28 
    And since it seems in SA people have been a bit lame by just downing beer I thought I’d try something different. So I did burpee shots.👍 was so much fun doing it 🌟😁

  12. Had some Fat Bastard Pinotage last night with @siandasilva and just chatted for hours! Was a good sleepover :P
    We decided to splurge on a good wine and We were sold on the description on the bottle: ripe banana and plum with a lingering chocolate and plum pudding.
    Ah :) was very nice!

  13. So nice seeing this cutie again! 👯💃 3 months is too long 🙈 but it’s okay now :) @siandasilva 💖

  14. Last night the sunset was so beautiful on Bloubergstrand side 🙌🙌😍😍 picture perfect moments at every turn. Went for sundowner at Moyo with @thaliaburt01 @paulhendry12 @j_m_owen_ 😃

  15. Got face paint at Moyo at Eden on the Bay last night. And was so great seeing @thaliaburt01